Schedule of Courses

The CARES classroom system is designed for busy adults that want to obtain quality real estate education in class and at your convenience.  You can begin your education at any time and complete it on your own schedule.  Want to start today?  You can!  

Our school is designed around modules that are stand-alone sessions that can be taken in any order and at any time!  For the 60 Hour Course, you do not need to follow the schedule of module 1, module 2, etc.  You can jump around and pick up modules as needed.  You can even repeat modules as you see fit within the 1 year that your course is valid.

We do recommend that if you are starting the cycle after Module 6 that you wait until the next cycle begins.

For the 30 Hour Course, you do have to take the classes in order (A, B, C, then D) and you need to complete your homework along the way in order to qualify to take the final test. 

Registration for each Module closes at midnight (12:00am) the morning of each specific module being offered and midnight (12:00am) on Friday morning for any Saturday classes.

Schedule updated on 3/3/23


 NEXT CYCLE: Coming soon in March 17


Friday 3/17/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 1
Saturday 3/18/23 9am-1pm 60 Hr 2
Sunday 3/19/23 No Class No Class No Class
Monday 3/20/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 3
Tuesday 3/21/23 No Class No Class No Class
Wednesday 3/22/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 4
Thursday 3/23/23 No Class No Class No Class
Friday 3/24/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 5
Saturday 3/25/23 9am-1pm 60 Hr 6
Sunday 3/26/23 No Class No Class No Class
Monday 3/27/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 7
Tuesday 3/28/23 No Class No Class No Class
Wednesday 3/29/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 8
Thursday 3/30/23 5-9pm 60 Hr Math Review
Friday 3/31/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 9
Saturday 4/1/23 9am-1pm 60 Hr 10
Sunday 4/2/23 No Class No Class No Class
Monday 4/3/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 11
Tuesday 4/4/23 5-9pm 30 Hr A
Wednesday 4/5/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 12
Thursday 4/6/23 5-9pm 30 Hr B
Friday 4/7/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 13
Saturday 4/8/23 9am-1pm 60 Hr 14
Sunday 4/9/23 No Class No Class No Class
Monday 4/10/23 5-9pm 60 Hr 15 [Exam]
Tuesday 4/11/23 5-9pm 30 Hr C
Wednesday 4/12/23 No Class No Class No Class
Thursday 4/13/23 5-9pm 30 Hr D