Module Descriptions

The CARES classroom system is designed for busy adults that want to obtain quality real estate education in class and at your convenience.  You can begin your education at any time and complete it on your own schedule.  Want to start today?  You can!  

Our 60 Hour Fundamentals of Real Estate is designed around modules that are stand-alone sessions that can be taken in any order and at any time!  You do not need to follow the schedule of module 1, module 2, etc.  You can jump around and pick up modules as needed.  You can even repeat modules as you see fit within the 1 year that your course is valid.

The Unit number listed is the section of the Principals of Modern Real Estate you will be covering in that module.


60 Hour Fundamentals of Real Estate

21st edition 
Updated 4/7/23

Module 1 
  • Introduction to the Real Estate Business (Unit 1)
  • Real Property and the Law (Unit 2)
  • Investing in Real Estate (Unit 1) 
Module 2
  • Fair Housing (Unit 18)
  • Interests in Real Estate (Unit 3)
Module 3
  • Forms of Real Estate Ownership (Unit 4)
  • Land Description (Unit 5)
Module 4
  • Transfer of Title (Unit 6)
  • Real Estate Taxes and other Liens (Unit 15)
  • Title Records (Unit 7)
Module 5
  • Real Estate Brokerage (Unit 8)
  • Real Estate Agency  (Unit 9)
Module 6
  • Client Representation Agreements (Unit 10)
  • Real Estate Contracts (Unit 11)
 Module 7
  • Math in Real Estate
Module 8
  • Real Estate Financing (Unit 12)
  • Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing (Unit 13)
Module 9
  • Real Estate Appraisal (Unit 16)
  • Closing the Real Estate Transaction (Unit 14)
Module 10
  • Leases (Unit 17)
  • Property Management (Unit 19)
Module 11
  • Land-Use Controls and Property Development (Unit 20)
  • Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction (Unit 21)
Module 12
  • Tennessee Real Estate Law Part 1 (Supplement)
Module 13
  • Tennessee Real Estate Law Part 2 (Supplement)
Module 14
  • Tennessee Real Estate Law Part 3 (Supplement)

Module 15

  • Final Review and Test

30 Hour Course for New Affiliates

The 30 Hour Course for New Affiliates can be completed at any time in your journey towards real estate licensure but must be completed before you take your PSI exam.  
This course must be taken in order of A, B, C, D to ensure that you have the proper student experience.
Module A:  Agent Business Development
  • Selecting a Company
  • Setting Goals and Business Planning
  • The REALTOR Brand
  • Establishing Business Relationships
  • Marketing
  • Looking to the Future
Module B:  Best Practices and the Law
  • Understanding Agency and Our Role as Agents
  • Fair Housing Rules
  • Risk Management
  • Personal & Professional Safety Practices
  • TREC Law in Daily Practice
Module C:  On The Way To The Sale
  • Prospecting and Qualifying
  • Listing Information and Details
  • Financing Options
  • Listing Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
Module D:  Contract to Close and Beyond
  • The Players in the Closing Process
  • The Steps to Closing
  • The Closing
  • The Agent's Role AFTER the Closing
  • Property Management is our Friend