Requirements for Tennessee Real Estate Licensing

Please review the state requirements for obtaining your license in addition to completing your education.   Visit TN Department of Commerce & Insurance here.

CARES Student and Class Policies

Refund/ Attendance Policy:

There are to be no refunds issued on any course.  The student has up to 1 year from the date of purchase to complete either the 60 hour course or 30 hour course.

The course(s) can be transferred to another student within that 1 year time period as long as the original purchasing student has not completed any of the sessions.  To do this, contact the school administrator.

A student can repeat any sessions during the time the course is valid as long as proper registration is completed.

The school will follow the TREC attendance policies for all courses offered.


CARES will provide each student hard copies of all materials needed.  While not required, each student is also encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet to class as there will be frequent references to online resources.

Food Policy:

We realize that a majority of our students will be in class during a regular dinner time.  Food will be allowed in the building and can be consumed before class and during breaks.  

Cell Phone Policy:

All mobile devices including cell phones, tablets and laptops must be in silent mode during sessions. 


Children should not be brought to class, no matter how well behaved you believe they will be.  The only persons that will be allowed into the classes are those students that are properly registered.


Instructors AND Students are not allowed to recruit for a specific brokerage or company. Please be respectful of everyone's right to choose and practice where they feel most comfortable.